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This is a "Persistence Hunt" of a Male Kudu by tribesman of the San on the Kalahari Desert of Africa from one of BBC's specials.

Running on two feet over long distances is more efficient than four. Man's extra limbs can be used to carry water, the Kudu cannot.

jimmylosanto already had this on youtube, but this is better quality. Enjoy.

Quoted from jimmylosanto:

This.....this is hunting. An almost transcendental means of acquiring animal protein. The final act in and of itself is completely in tune with the Natural World and the ultimate in respect and honor both of and for it. This is how our distant ancestors survived. We have unfortunately lost this connection to Life..........

During the persistence hunt an antelope, such as a kudu, is not shot or speared from a distance, but simply run down in the midday heat. Depending on the specific conditions, hunters of the central Kalahari will chase a kudu for about two to five hours over 25 to 35 km in temperatures of about 40 to 42°C (104 to 107°F). The hunter chases the kudu, which then runs away out of sight. By tracking it down at a fast running pace the hunter catches up with it before it has had enough time to rest in the shade. The animal is repeatedly chased and tracked down until it is too exhausted to continue running. The hunter then kills it at close range with a spear.

Empfehlung: "Afrikas Naturparadiese"

Mi. 28.09. | 10:16-11:00 | ZDFinfokanal | Afrikas Naturparadiese

Das Okavango-Delta ist eine der größten Oasen, gleich im Herzen der Kalahari Wüste in Botswana. Durch den Okavango-Fluss gespeist erreicht das Wasser nie das Meer, es versickert im Sand der Wüste. (Quelle: ZDF Enterprises)

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